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Editorial Thoughts



Welcome to the new www.hornepayne.com! Before I go any further about the plans for this site, let me first thank Ginger Potvin-Latoski for her work here for the last several years, and her willingness to assist me as I go forward with www.hornepayne.com! Without Ginger’s work, this site would not exist today, and without her help, I would not be able to go forward with it! I also thank her from the bottom of my heart, for her confidence in me, to be able to take www.hornepayne.com forward. I truly appreciate it! 

As we all know, Hornepayne is a special place. How many small towns, can you speak about in Union Station in Toronto and have someone close by, look at you and say “Hey, are you from Hornepayne?”? In 2014, my wife was in the Air Canada Centre watching a hockey game (the Leafs beat Boston….:D) and she struck up a conversation with people beside her, who low and behold….knew where Hornepayne was, and had spent time here snowmobiling. Just last week, in Ottawa, on a river cruise, she also ran into someone who knew all about Hornepayne. From CN Rail and VIA, to fly in fishing, to snowmobiling, and many other experiences, Hornepayne is known to the world and is a special place. I hope, in the coming few years, to continue with this site and have it reflect the great community that we have. Yes, we have challenges, and we are facing them, but I want very much to make this site, a “go-to” site for our community, and our many ex-pats out there, who live in all corners of the world, not to mention the host of family and friends we all have, all over the world, who are connected to, and interested in Hornepayne!

So, what will www.hornepayne.com become? I would like to take a few moments to outline for you, the vision we have for this site in the next several years. There is a well-known quote, that says: “change is the only constant” and nothing reflects the reality of our world more than this quote. The digital revolution, the economic shift from manufacturing to services, and the increasing polarization of our world, are all realities that are not blips in history, but a real change in the way our world operates. As a society, we need answers for a changing world, a future that no one can predict or plan for. Hornepayne, along with the rest of the western world, is planted firmly in this reality and it is up to all of us to find answers and solutions to our challenges. www.hornepayne.com  sees this reality, and wants to create a site for all who have a connection to Hornepayne, world-wide, to inform and provide a forum for thinking and problem solving. 

At the risk of using an old, bygone cliché, www.hornepayne.comsees itself as a “one-stop shop” for information about Hornepayne, within the broader global context. In Hornepayne, we can often turn our eyes away from the provincial, national and international forces primarily as a result of the good economic opportunities that exist here. However, I believe, we have to increasingly look outward and enjoy the benefits we have in our community, but look further and more globally to build a strong future for our community. If we want Hornepayne to be a viable option for our children, grand-children and great grand-children, we need to look outward and be open to change and progress. Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has an old nick-name of Hogtown, because at one point in its history, it was famous for its hog pens. Toronto today, obviously, has no hog pens within the city of Toronto….Many years ago, people in Toronto saw that the future of Toronto was no longer hogs, and they built the world-class metropolis that is today Toronto. The citizens of Hornepayne, who currently hold sway and make political decisions, have to think the same way and embrace the future, whatever that is. Perhaps even  more importantly and more crucial, we need to build this future, and keep our minds open to whatever the future may bring, to make our community vibrant and progressive. We believe, that if, in 25 years, Hornepayne is pretty much as you see it today, we will have failed. Now, that being said, the future needs to maintain our strengths: our natural environment, our sense of community and our fun-loving nature, but if we do not evolve, we will stagnate.

As a final thought, I am going to get on my proverbial soap box one more time. I have a vision for www.hornepayne.com, but it is a vision that allows for flexibility and innovation.  Perhaps, what I see will not happen, and something else will take its place. However, there is one thing that www.hornepayne.com will not become, and that is a forum that feeds into the current political environment of hyper-criticism, character assassination and conspiracy theories. This is a site to work towards our future, to provide information about what is going on in Hornepayne, and to provide information that is factual and based in reason and where necessary, accepted science. This is not going to become a site that allows unfettered criticism and character assassination. Unlike many social media sites and comment sections of other online papers, this site will not become a cauldron of hate for those who rarely, if ever contribute to the better good, but instead criticize from the sidelines, while enjoying the benefits provided by those who work hard for our community. If, that format is of no of interest to the greater Hornepayne community, including its diaspora and global connections, then www.hornepayne.comwill cease to exist!

And one further comment. While our main goal is to provide an online platform for all of those interested in what is going on in Hornepayne, it is a business model. It is not, of course, free to run a website, or to run a business, and as such, www.hornepayne.com will feature advertising, like all other online and print publications. This is in part to help pay for costs, but also allows local businesses to advertise their products and services to our community, and to provide residents with a space to learn about those products and services. 

So, into the future we go! Thanks for supporting www.hornepayne.com and like any responsible news organization, we welcome positive comments, and constructive criticism that will help us get better and serve our readers’ needs. Our initial point of contact is via email, at david@hornepayne.com, as well as our Twitter account, wwwhornepayne.com and our Facebook page, Hornepayne.com.