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This letter is composed today,  in  an attempt to express some thoughts I've had  over the last several weeks. As Thanksgiving approached, everyone was looking forward to a long weekend spent with family, loved ones and friends. 

On Thanksgiving weekend, tragedy struck our small community, as we learned the Cameron family lost their eldest son, Evhen. 

Their sorrow must be unimaginable. Hearts were broken along with them, but that did not stop the community from springing into action to provide incredible support. 

I am sure everyone, with their hard work, donations, and expressions of support , were thinking of the times over the last twenty years, that Reid, Jen, and family have spent with us. Reid has dedicated his life to caring for our families. He's helped our children into this world,   been by our sides as we care for aging parents and everything that happens in between. I often remember his steady , reassuring presence in the room, as I held my Dad's hand in his last moments.  A difficult loss for our family, but a life well lived.  We all share similar memories, of support provided to our families in our darkest moments.  I am grateful to see everyone's efforts to return that support. 

It's also worth mentioning that our community really does  extend  beyond the  geographical borders of Hornepayne.  I would like to acknowledge the support of our neighboring communities, who have helped ensure we have physician coverage. 

The Family Health Team in Marathon spared Dr. Kale to come immediately to allow Reid to travel to be with his family. Chief of Staff Sarah Newbery  assisted with required paperwork. 

The Family Health Team in Manitouwadge assisted with a  list of physicians who were willing to do locums . Dr. Crawford, while working in another community kept in touch and assisted by contacting colleagues to help us out. 

The Physician recruitment teams in Hearst and Kapuskasing , worked to assist in finding physicians, often making  phone calls for us,  and with us  late into the day and night 

As each physician has come in, of course all of our staff have expressed how grateful we are to have them come and help out. The sentiments from the doctors have  been unanimous. 

It is an incredible challenge to provide healthcare in Rural Northern Ontario, and despite the fact that 200 kilometres separates us all geographically,  the last few weeks have proven to us, that we are all  in fact a special breed , and one community.  

We are so very thankful for all those who've assisted our community at this difficult time. 


Heather Jaremy Berube 

Hornepayne, Ontario


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