May 27th, 2020

Updated COVID-19 Information

The Northern Credit Union reminds its customers that it is open for business during the pandemic, but with limited hours and regulations to protect everyone's safety.  Please see the hours listed above, as well as a notice to wear a mask when physical distancing cannot be maintained.  Please use the Learn More box adjacent, to go to the NCU website. strongly encourages all citizens to follow health guidelines as presented by government officials, to help stem the spread of COVID-19.  

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NCU Mask requirements

tuesday, may 19th, 2020

Recent COVID-19 Developments

  After a beautiful long weekend in Hornepayne, including the opportunity to have fires, Ontario woke up this morning, to news that cases in our province are still not declining in a significant manner and indeed, the last five day average has increased somewhat. While there is not necessarily empirical data yet to point to a reason, or set of reasons, it is likely to expect that the rise is due in part to the lessened restrictions that began last week. So far, the numbers are not disastrous, but they have resulted in some changes to the Ford government approach.

The big news of the day, came from the Minister of Education, when he announced, as many thought he would, that schools will be closed for the remainder of the year. Boards will continue with their distance learning models and school will continue to engage students, in an emergency, distance learning model. Readers can expect local schools and school boards address the issues of personal property at school, as well as other items related to closure, in the coming weeks. 

A much expected move, also did not happen. Many thought the rules on gatherings, currently set at 5 would rise, but they have not. This means that unless it is people within your own house, Ontario expects that none of its citizens will gather in groups larger than five and if they do, they are to practice social distancing. Evidence around the province, including Hornepayne, indicates that there are those who are following this practice, and the province is once again asking people to respect the rules, as we try to vanquish the virus.

Within our community, Home Hardware is once again open to customers, under strict physical distancing rules, as are other retailers that remained open, including McKinnon’s Freshmart, G and L Variety, Cindy’s Restaurant and store, as well as our two other restaurants, Uncles and Brenda’s canteen at the arena.

As we now enter into our spring and soon summer, let’s continue to follow the regulations to keep ourselves safe. Our small communities are not equipped to deal with an influx of cases, and we at are quite certain, that no one wants to be responsible for passing this virus to someone who, for age or health reasons, is at a much greater risk. 


Friday, may 15th, 2020

Ontario Fire Ban Lifted

The province has officially ended the fire ban, as we approach the May long weekend. Please see a partial  summary of the news release, as well as a link to the entire newsrelease.

 At 12:01 a.m. on May 16, 2020, Ontario is lifting the Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ) designation that was put in place last month across Ontario's fire region.  The province will continue to assess forest fire hazard conditions and an RFZ designation may be reinstated in higher risk areas if conditions deteriorate. These restrictions are put in place in order to reduce the number of preventable human-caused fires and lower the risk of wildfires impacting the public. 


Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

Ontario cautiously opens up

  As spring makes very halting attempts to come to our community, we find that Ontario is copying this example by beginning to emerge from its COVID-19 lockdown, in small steps. Despite some continuing challenges in urban areas and long term care facilities, Ontario has allowed some businesses to re-open, or at least open more, with continued physical distancing rules.

Of particular interest for Horneapayne, is Home Hardware. Of course, as a result of our small business community, many of our businesses were still open to some degree, however as of Monday, Home Hardware, which was open for curb side pickup only, is once again allowed to have people in its store.

However, strict physical distancing rules will be in effect. There is a maximum of 5 people allowed in the store at any given time, and shoppers must respect the social distancing rules of staying 6 feet away from each other and the staff.

As well, please remember, that you can look for your materials online, at If you create a free account with Home Hardware, and set our store as your default, you can check their inventory as well. For example, if you know what product you are looking for, you can search it and see if they have it in stock. If not, you can order it online and have it sent to the store, or you can just call them with the stock number. They can order it and let you know when it arrives. Of course, you still have to go in, to pay and pick up your item, but it is easy to continue to support local business and remain safer as you do so. 

As well, as of the MNR announcement last week, Provincial Parks are also beginning to open, and again under stricter rules. As expressed by the ministry:

“The first areas will open on Monday May 11, 2020, with the remaining areas opening on Friday May 15, 2020. At this time, recreational activities will be limited to walking, hiking, biking and birdwatching. Day visitors will also be able to access all parks and conservation reserves for free until the end of the month.“

In yesterday’s press conference with Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams referenced the possibility of being in a “stage 1” recovery by the weekend, but what that means, is still unknown, especially in terms of gatherings with family outside of our home and friends. As it stands now, the recommendations from the province remain as no gatherings more than 5 people. 

Daily news conferences continue and the education/child care sector, is expecting news from the Ministry of Education either late this week, or early next, on the next steps in education and pre-school age child care.

As we continue to evolve our understanding of the public health issues, it is crucial to continue to follow guidelines and ensure that when we do start returning to normal, we are able to do so in a manner that ensures we do not have a major second wave of the disease! Stay strong, Hornepayne and we will all come through this healthy and safe.


Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

Keep up the good work!


COVID-19 Containment Measures Continue

Life has settled in, in the great Pandemic of 2020. When we read in history books, of events that were transformational, this is one of them, and we are living through them. There can be no doubt that the world was not ready for a Pandemic, despite multiple warnings over the last decades. However, that analysis is for another time, a time when we are safer and our health care system is able to handle all cases.

In part, because of the response and actions south of our border, many people are beginning to become restless, which is of course, understandable. Our leaders are relying on medical and scientific evidence to determine when we can begin to return to normal, however it is important that we continue to follow the measures that have been put in place.

As we approach warmer weather, we want to get out. Fishing season is coming up (despite social media rumours, fishing has not been cancelled) as is camping. We need to look at these measures as short term pain for long term gain. We must ask ourselves: “Are we willing to trade access to camping and outdoor fires in May and part of June, to ensure we have them in July and August and September, or would we rather insist on immediate opening of parks and other outdoor activities in May?” It will seem like a challenge, for sure, but the longer we keep our adherence to physical distancing, the sooner we can return to activities and the longer they will be in place.

Canada has 107 deaths per million population.  Medical experts are saying that this number needs to be significantly lower before we can begin to be normal, with normal meaning to continue to wash our hands, wear masks in larger groups and continue physical distancing. Small northern towns are generally untouched by the virus, however, our campgrounds and fly in outposts host people from all over and the chances of someone local being infected increase greatly, if we open up all access. Do we want to be the first northern community to have to deal with an outbreak?

Hornepayne, stand firm. When it warms up (if it ever does, this year), we can get out. We can fish. We can go to camps, so long as we are doing it within the rules. We can continue to keep each other safe. The rules we are under are not about us, they are about those around us. Act like you have the virus and prevent it from passing to others, and we will be out of this sooner, rather than later.

Please continue to monitor the various sources of information for COVID=19 information.

Canadian Government:

Ontario Government:


Health Unit: COVID-19 Page

World COVID-19 Data:


Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Important Message from Dr. Cameron

Why Social Distancing Matters in Hornepayne. 

We are all following the current events on the news. We’ve been touched by the difficult images and stories from China, Italy,  New York and Canada. 

We have been encouraged  to maintain social distancing, wash our hands and cover our coughs. 

But how can we understand the potential impact of the pandemic on our community? 

We know that COVID-19 can spread between people who have few or no symptoms. 

We know people who contract COVID-19 with advanced age and chronic conditions are at increased risk of serious illness and death. 

When we look at our population in Hornepayne:

We hope 80% of people  ill with COVID-19 will not need hospital care. 

We know that 15-20% of people ill from COVID-19 will require hospitalization. Most will have advanced age and one or more chronic health conditions  including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and chronic lung disease. 

When we look at our patient data from Hornepayne:

We have 180 citizens over the age of 65  

We have 150 citizens with diabetes

We have 70 citizens with chronic lung disease

We have 200 citizens with hypertension and heart disease.  

Our hospital has 6 acute care beds and we rely on the regional hospitals for Intensive care and ventilators. 

We’ve worked tirelessly to prepare for the pandemic. We’ve built bed capacity. We meet regularly with our partners in public health, and the regional hospitals.  We  share best practices and resources to guide out treatment plans.. We’ve been working with the township and our first responder partners from the OPP and ambulance services to prepare for the surge.

We have applied new procedures to protect our patients and long term care residents. 

Our hospital team is committed to meet this challenge.    

But we won’t be able to do it alone.   We need your help. Please help us flatten the curve. 

Stay home, maintain physical distance, avoid non-essential travel. Avoid contact with others if you are sick. Contact and support your friends, family and neighbours.

We can protect those at increased risk of harm simply following the excellent advice from Public Health Ontario. 

We are all on Team Canada. We will get through this difficult time together.


Friday, april 3rd, 2020


 Effective Monday April 6,2020

Northern Credit Union will be open on

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Tuesday and Wednesday –Closed to the public-By appointment ONLY

As we work to serve you better during this time please take note of the following services provided

On-Line Banking



TRUE NORTH  HUB - 1-866-413-7071

Hornepayne Branch Extension #3800

Any questions, give a call. Thank you.....


April 1st, 2020

COVID-19 Update Page

If you did not catch it on Facebook, or other social media platform, below is a link to a great audio file, with a discussion between Dr. Henderson and Dr. Joannou, on Hornepayne Hospital's preparation for and readiness level, for COVID-19.

You can access the link here: 

***COVID-19 Update from Northern Credit Union****



Effective April 1,2020 

Northern Credit Union will restricting access to the instant teller to one person at a time..we will also be restricting access to in branch banking to 4 persons at any one time.We thank everyone and appreciate your business ,however we need enforce this for the safety our employees and the community.

Please if you do not have access to on line banking or a debit card to perform transactions at the instant teller please call the branch at 807-868-2471 and we accommodate you.Please practice social distancing and respect each other at this very trying time!!!

 ***COVID-19 Update from McKinnon's Freshmart***

McKinnon's Freshmart Update

McKinnon’s Freshmart is happy to take orders to be prepared for pick up to those who are in
quarantine, seniors or more vulnerable.

All we want is the community’s safety and for those who shouldn’t be exposing themselves to others to stay healthy.

As a service to everyone, we will not be charging during this difficult time.

Call in hours will be from 10:00am to 2:00pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Orders will be limited to 2 calls per household per week and a $50 minimum order.
Any calls after 2:00 cannot be guaranteed until next day. Please call 868-2705


Important municipal announcement

Municipal Announcement

municipality of hornepayne declaration of emergency

Hornepayne declares Local Emergency

Download PDF

Monday, March 30th, 2020

The Ontario Government has created a specific website for all COVID-19 information.  Link is below: 

Good morning to everyone! hopes that you are holding up in these challenging times.  We are into the second  Ontario's 2 week state of emergency, which was originally due to end a week from tomorrow, but we believe that the measures we are under are going to last longer.  There will be many questions from citizens as we move forward.  We will endeavour to continue to provide you with local updates and important news.  Just as a reminder, if you have any health questions at all, you should either call our local hospital for direction, or call tele-health Ontario, at  1-866-797-0000,  This is especially true, if you are experiencing health concerns other than COVID-19.  You need to speak to health care professionals to determine your best steps.  As well, if you are concerned about COVID-19, you can also use Ontario's online self-assessment tool.  You can access it below.  

Stay safe and stay health.  

ADSB School Support

ADSB has released its support documents for parents with students at home, for the upcoming week.  Click below to be taken to the page.  Can also be found on the HESS Facebook page.  

March 27th, 2020-Porcupine Health unit press release