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Service Delivery Report

The Municipality retained the services of a consulting firm specializing in municipal governance.  The firm has completed a comprehensive report, and it can be found here!

NWMO Framework Initial Meeting

On Saturday, September 14th, several interested citizens met at a local school, to take part in the first of several meetings, to discuss a framework to help the community define its relationship with NWMO moving forward.  Spurred by Mayor and council, the goal of the program is to provide a framework for our community as we move forward in the Learn More Process.  The goal of the framework is to strike a plan for the community to address what happens next in the NWMO process, whether it is to stay in the process or to leave, regardless of the reasons for either.  The group hopes to help define what a "willing host community" is, as we move forward and answer some of the questions around, how does our community and region actually make a decision about the project.  We were assisted by a consultant, Robert Manseau of Commerce Management Group from Timmins.  For anyone who did not attend and is interested in sharing thoughts about developing the framework, please feel free to contact the Township and they will give you contact information!  


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